Jeff and Angela Rodgers were married in the spring of 2008. They both are natives of Liberty, KY. Their Christian faith is very important to them and guides how they live their lives.

Jeff is a plant manager for Tarter Farm and Ranch. He enjoys the outdoors through ATV riding, playing sports, fishing and hunting. He is a big fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and attends their games throughout the seasons. He loves being Dad to Grace Anna and her brother Isaiah. Jeff works tirelessly to provide for his family and take care of the family farm. He hopes to one day show Grace Anna the sights of Alaska on a dream vacation.

Angela taught middle school science before beginning her career as an author. She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and very active in the advocacy community for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. She serves the state of Kentucky on the Hart Supported Living Grant Council and is a Director of Events for the Military Veteran Project. She loves homeschooling Grace Anna and traveling with her to doctor appointments and booking events. She is very excited to be releasing her first book “Grace Anna Sings” November 1.

Grace Anna’s big brother Isaiah is her best buddy. Isaiah is a sophomore in college obtaining a degree to work in the Fish & Wildlife Department. He also loves ATV riding, fishing, hunting, playing sports, and being outdoors. He also is a huge fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the Cincinnati Reds. He attends many games throughout the seasons. He also enjoys cooking for the family when he gets an opportunity. Isaiah works as an sibling advocate also.