Hey everybody this is your girl, Grace Anna. I’m so happy to see you here. You may not know it, but I have a rare form of Dwarfism called Conradi Hunermann Syndrome. It is part of who I am, but it doesn’t define me. I love to sing, dance, play the piano, cook, act, and do things most kids my age like to do. I have also helped my momma write a book all about me, Who Do You See When You Look At Me?

I am most known for my singing which I love to do. My mother started singing to me when I was a baby. During hospital stays she would lay beside me and sing because she couldn't hold me. Singing was the only thing that calmed me down while I was in the hospital. I started singing when I was just 15 months old following my mama's lead. One of my favorite songs to sing is Amazing Grace. Singing sort of found me, it is a big part of how I express my feelings and thoughts.

I have the super parents, Jeff, and Angela. I also have the best big brother ever, Isaiah. I have two adorable dogs, Jo Jo and Teddy that complete our family. We love living life in the wonderful state of Kentucky on our farm.

I have been through 13 surgeries and many tests and procedures. I also do physical and occupational therapy to help me the best I can be. Although these are tough things, I refuse to let them get me down.

As a family we are doing our best to help communities around the country include people with disabilities in all aspects of life. That is why we have started the Grace Anna’s Best Life Foundation. We want to help enable people with disabilities to have the tools and encouragement to live the best life possible.

Be sure to check out my music, books, and merchandise. I think you are going to love all of them.

I love to inspire others through my story. Like so many of you out there, I have moments that are hard to overcome, but with my faith, family, and friends, I truly believe the impossible can be possible. I hope as you look through my page it brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

Join my family and I on our journey of life, you can even sing along with me!