Toddler With Special Needs Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ Makes Us Happy When Skies Are Gray


Grace Anna Rodgers has faced many obstacles in her short life, but she meets each and every one with a song.

The 4-year-old has a rare form of dwarfism known as Conradi-Hunermann syndrome, and has had to deal with many health complications including cataracts and scoliosis of the spine, according to her website. Despite all this, Grace loves nothing more than to sing her little heart out and has been doing so since she was 16 months old.

Last year, the toddler became a YouTube sensation when a video of her singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” went viral. It now has more than 500,000 views, but we just can’t get enough of her rendition of “You Are My Sunshine,” above.

Just look at that beautiful smile!

To see more videos from Grace Anna, check out her YouTube Channel.

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